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Memories of a Mortician Part 5 (updated): Indigested Beauty/Tokyo Hangover/A Bad Idea

Introduction: A hot young woman meets the mortician after a fatal encounter with an anaconda while another lovely lady gets a deadly hangover in Tokyo.Finally, the mortician helps the victim of a demented killer regian some dignity and sex in death.

Note to readers: For your convenience, I have started posting drawings of all the mortician's victims on the Sex Stories forum under the thread 'Memories of a Mortician:Victims' Pictures'. Please feel free to take a look.


Hot babe so pretty
Swallowed but not digested
Slimy you emerged

I have seen all types of cases over the decades but non as bizarre as the following. The fact that the victim was young and pretty only made the case more memorable to me. One afternoon in 2009, my assistant (who I usually assigned to the male or older female cases) ran into my office telling me that we?ve got something never seen before. I went into the embalming room and saw a body lying on the lab covered with the usual piece of sheet. I could tell that it was a young female from the slim feminine outline of the body and the 2 shapely lumps that were at the chest area. However, there was a sour smell in the air and the sheet was covered in greenish stains. The first thing that occurred to me was that she was the victim of an acid attack which would mean a disfigured and ugly corpse of no use to me. I was about to tell my assistant to take over this one when he told me that the victim was attacked, killed and swallowed by an anaconda which vomited her out again after a few hours due to indigestion.

That was something I have never seen before! I lifted up the top part of the sheet and saw a beautiful young woman aged around 18. The greenish, foul smelling digestive slime covering large parts of her body did not diminish her beauty in any way. The only wounds on her appeared to be the small puncture marks running down her arms and legs, which I guessed were bite marks left by the snake. She was wearing a pair of blue denim shorts and a black cropped tube top which was pulled askew, probably by the swallowing and vomiting action, revealing part of her small but perky left breast. I immediately dismissed my assistant from the room and locked the doors.

The obvious thing to do first was to wash off the slime but of course, I would not do that as this was going to provide me with a brand new experience of sex with a half digested corpse covered with digestive fluid. So I pulled the tube top off her body. She was not wearing a bra so her breasts popped free, rising up prettily from her chest. I gave them a few slaps and pinches. I then pulled down her shorts and panties. The slime on her body gave her a sexy slippery feel as I tried to hold on to her as if she was trying to escape being raped by me after death. That evidently was not enough to deter me as I thrust into her. The copious amount of blood that flowed out from between her legs showed me that she had died a virgin but would not be buried as one. I kissed and licked her all over her body , the sour and foul smelling slime giving her a unique taste I have not savoured before or since. The bite marks on her body also added some raw and salty flavour to her.

Finally, I was spent. I lay on top of her cool body for a while and then got up and hosed my body clean of all the slime and blood. I then proceeded to wash her thoroughly, cleaning her of all traces of snake and man. I sewed up her wounds and hid them under a layer of cosmetics. I then dressed her in the black dress which was delivered together with her corpse, styled her hair and applied a light layer of makeup on her face. She was looking very pretty and lifelike by the time I was done.


Drugged and forced drinking
You gained a cute pot belly
Hanged while unconscious

This next case was a young woman studying in Japan who was killed the day she was supposed to return home. Her death was reported in the news so I knew quite a lot about her case before receiving her body. She was last seen getting into a taxi on her way to the airport. She never made it there. A day later, she was found hanging by her neck from the rafters of an abandoned house. When she was found, her tank top was stripped off and she was just wearing a bra and jeans. Her belly was also bloated with water so police thought that she was drowned then strung up by some pervert. After the autopsy, it was discovered that the water in her stomach was distilled drinking water and that she had died by hanging. Apparently, her assailant had knocked her out with chloroform, poured a few bottles of drinking water into her mouth, distending her abdomen. She was the stripped and presumably molested and fondled by her killer. Finally, she was hanged from her neck while still unconscious and she quickly died of asphyxiation. The most surprising thing about the entire case is that she has not been sexually assaulted. Considering that she was quite beautiful with a hot body, that was really inexplicable but then again the killer was a Japanese so who knows?

I was a bit apprehensive when I approached her covered body on the slab. I knew that she had been autopsied so there would be unsightly scars on her body that I was not used to dealing with. I did not know if this sewn up corpse can still turn me on. All these doubts vanished when I pulled down the sheet revealing her in all her nude glory. She had truly been a beauty and the Y-Incision scar down her torso did little to diminish her looks or the fact that she had a great body. The only other sign of injury on her was the reddish bruise around her neck left by the rope. There?s no way I?m going to let her go to waste.

I quickly stripped and got onto the slab next to her. She was rather cold and stiff due to being frozen on her final flight back and it would be near impossible or extremely painful to do have sex with her corpse. Thus, I hugged her close, using my body heat to thaw her completely. After some time, she had thawed sufficiently, becoming supple and limp while water droplets drip down from her pale skin. Now she?s ready to pleasure me. I wrap one of her hands around my penis and moved it up and down, giving me an erection in no time. I plunged into her but was careful not to damage the autopsy stitches. Her slack, open mouth with slightly bluish lips seemed to be inviting my kisses so I started to French kiss her, using my tongue to flip her cold and limp tongue around her mouth. I stroked her flat belly (regrettably, the water had all been removed or I would have loved to try forcing the water out by punching her bloated belly) and fondled her shapely breasts. I exploded in her, took a short rest and the did it again into her inviting mouth. She dutifully swallowed all my cum.

After that, it was the usual cleaning and dressing up of her body. I deliberately left her hanging marks partially visible as I felt It gave her appearance a sense of finality, that she will never again wake up, smile or make love. Her family wanted her to be buried in a violet sleeveless top and pants which gave her a decent, innocent look. No one knew how wild and horny she was on the slab except me.


Knocked out at your house
Throttled and your body raped
Left made up on bed

The next “customer” was a young, pretty, female murder victim. She was lying on the slab wearing a white tank top and short black skirt. Her body was in pristine condition except for a few things. There was butterfly shaped bruise at her neck, the tell-tale sign of throttling. This was confirmed by her slightly bluish face. Also, she had a very thick layer of make up on her face, with very red lipstick and dark eye shadow especially. It made her look very sexy and seductive. She was the victim of the ‘Kosmetics Killer’ who liked to kill and rape women and then apply cosmetics to their face to make them look alive as a grotesque joke to whoever finds them. I was rather tired so I decided to just do my work on her but then after I had stripped and washed her body, I decided that she looked too good to go to waste. After making sure that her vagina was clean of all the rapist’s cum, I enjoyed an hour of good post mortem sex with her shapely corpse while enjoying the sight of her beautiful face. I kept giving her mouth to mouth as I enjoyed the sight of her cheeks puffing out and breasts rising., Of course, it was too late to revive her.
When I was done, I washed her again and dressed her up in a classy looking blue dress. She looked really graceful and pretty. No one can tell that she had been raped twice.

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