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MaryKate and Ashley Holeson (Hillary Scott) after Katie Morgan as Jizzie Stevens

Grundle's Anatomy with Katherine Hymen and Sandra Ho getting Spunk'd! Next up for Gashton Cootcher's might load are the Holeson Twins (BOTH played by Pornstar extraordinaire Hillary Scott)
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Koleksi Photo-photo cewek indonesia

Cewek Cantik | Kumpulan Foto Cewek Cantik - Untuk ajang iseng-iseng sekaligus bisa menjadi bahan hiburan, maka pada postingan ini aku ingin mencoba berbagai koleksi foto cewek cantik kepada teman-teman semuanya. Cewek cantik disini tentunya adalah orang asli pribumi atau cewek cantik Indonesia. Memang tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa cewek-cewek cantik di Indonesia ternyata bisa bersaing dengan cewek-cewek cantik asal Eropah atau Amerika yang dikenal dengan istilah cewek bule. Buktinya bisa saja nanti teman-teman lihat pada kumpulan foto cewek cantik berikut.

Baiklah... agar tidak berlama-lama menulis tentang cewek cantik ini, maka secara lengkap aku akan mempublikasi foto-foto cewek cantik kepada teman-teman semuanya, berikut adalah cewek cantik dalam foto selengkapnya, selamat menikmati:

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Kumpulan Foto Cewek Cantik

Segitu dulu ya boss, lain waktu akan ditambahkan kembali koleksi foto Cewek Cantiknya. Semoga terhibur selalu dengan kehadiran postingan-postingan terbaru dari blog Karo Cyber dan salah satunya adalah mengenai Cewek Cantik yang sudah dipublikasikan diatas.

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Memories of a Mortician Part 5 (updated): Indigested Beauty/Tokyo Hangover/A Bad Idea

Introduction: A hot young woman meets the mortician after a fatal encounter with an anaconda while another lovely lady gets a deadly hangover in Tokyo.Finally, the mortician helps the victim of a demented killer regian some dignity and sex in death.

Note to readers: For your convenience, I have started posting drawings of all the mortician's victims on the Sex Stories forum under the thread 'Memories of a Mortician:Victims' Pictures'. Please feel free to take a look.


Hot babe so pretty
Swallowed but not digested
Slimy you emerged

I have seen all types of cases over the decades but non as bizarre as the following. The fact that the victim was young and pretty only made the case more memorable to me. One afternoon in 2009, my assistant (who I usually assigned to the male or older female cases) ran into my office telling me that we?ve got something never seen before. I went into the embalming room and saw a body lying on the lab covered with the usual piece of sheet. I could tell that it was a young female from the slim feminine outline of the body and the 2 shapely lumps that were at the chest area. However, there was a sour smell in the air and the sheet was covered in greenish stains. The first thing that occurred to me was that she was the victim of an acid attack which would mean a disfigured and ugly corpse of no use to me. I was about to tell my assistant to take over this one when he told me that the victim was attacked, killed and swallowed by an anaconda which vomited her out again after a few hours due to indigestion.

That was something I have never seen before! I lifted up the top part of the sheet and saw a beautiful young woman aged around 18. The greenish, foul smelling digestive slime covering large parts of her body did not diminish her beauty in any way. The only wounds on her appeared to be the small puncture marks running down her arms and legs, which I guessed were bite marks left by the snake. She was wearing a pair of blue denim shorts and a black cropped tube top which was pulled askew, probably by the swallowing and vomiting action, revealing part of her small but perky left breast. I immediately dismissed my assistant from the room and locked the doors.

The obvious thing to do first was to wash off the slime but of course, I would not do that as this was going to provide me with a brand new experience of sex with a half digested corpse covered with digestive fluid. So I pulled the tube top off her body. She was not wearing a bra so her breasts popped free, rising up prettily from her chest. I gave them a few slaps and pinches. I then pulled down her shorts and panties. The slime on her body gave her a sexy slippery feel as I tried to hold on to her as if she was trying to escape being raped by me after death. That evidently was not enough to deter me as I thrust into her. The copious amount of blood that flowed out from between her legs showed me that she had died a virgin but would not be buried as one. I kissed and licked her all over her body , the sour and foul smelling slime giving her a unique taste I have not savoured before or since. The bite marks on her body also added some raw and salty flavour to her.

Finally, I was spent. I lay on top of her cool body for a while and then got up and hosed my body clean of all the slime and blood. I then proceeded to wash her thoroughly, cleaning her of all traces of snake and man. I sewed up her wounds and hid them under a layer of cosmetics. I then dressed her in the black dress which was delivered together with her corpse, styled her hair and applied a light layer of makeup on her face. She was looking very pretty and lifelike by the time I was done.


Drugged and forced drinking
You gained a cute pot belly
Hanged while unconscious

This next case was a young woman studying in Japan who was killed the day she was supposed to return home. Her death was reported in the news so I knew quite a lot about her case before receiving her body. She was last seen getting into a taxi on her way to the airport. She never made it there. A day later, she was found hanging by her neck from the rafters of an abandoned house. When she was found, her tank top was stripped off and she was just wearing a bra and jeans. Her belly was also bloated with water so police thought that she was drowned then strung up by some pervert. After the autopsy, it was discovered that the water in her stomach was distilled drinking water and that she had died by hanging. Apparently, her assailant had knocked her out with chloroform, poured a few bottles of drinking water into her mouth, distending her abdomen. She was the stripped and presumably molested and fondled by her killer. Finally, she was hanged from her neck while still unconscious and she quickly died of asphyxiation. The most surprising thing about the entire case is that she has not been sexually assaulted. Considering that she was quite beautiful with a hot body, that was really inexplicable but then again the killer was a Japanese so who knows?

I was a bit apprehensive when I approached her covered body on the slab. I knew that she had been autopsied so there would be unsightly scars on her body that I was not used to dealing with. I did not know if this sewn up corpse can still turn me on. All these doubts vanished when I pulled down the sheet revealing her in all her nude glory. She had truly been a beauty and the Y-Incision scar down her torso did little to diminish her looks or the fact that she had a great body. The only other sign of injury on her was the reddish bruise around her neck left by the rope. There?s no way I?m going to let her go to waste.

I quickly stripped and got onto the slab next to her. She was rather cold and stiff due to being frozen on her final flight back and it would be near impossible or extremely painful to do have sex with her corpse. Thus, I hugged her close, using my body heat to thaw her completely. After some time, she had thawed sufficiently, becoming supple and limp while water droplets drip down from her pale skin. Now she?s ready to pleasure me. I wrap one of her hands around my penis and moved it up and down, giving me an erection in no time. I plunged into her but was careful not to damage the autopsy stitches. Her slack, open mouth with slightly bluish lips seemed to be inviting my kisses so I started to French kiss her, using my tongue to flip her cold and limp tongue around her mouth. I stroked her flat belly (regrettably, the water had all been removed or I would have loved to try forcing the water out by punching her bloated belly) and fondled her shapely breasts. I exploded in her, took a short rest and the did it again into her inviting mouth. She dutifully swallowed all my cum.

After that, it was the usual cleaning and dressing up of her body. I deliberately left her hanging marks partially visible as I felt It gave her appearance a sense of finality, that she will never again wake up, smile or make love. Her family wanted her to be buried in a violet sleeveless top and pants which gave her a decent, innocent look. No one knew how wild and horny she was on the slab except me.


Knocked out at your house
Throttled and your body raped
Left made up on bed

The next “customer” was a young, pretty, female murder victim. She was lying on the slab wearing a white tank top and short black skirt. Her body was in pristine condition except for a few things. There was butterfly shaped bruise at her neck, the tell-tale sign of throttling. This was confirmed by her slightly bluish face. Also, she had a very thick layer of make up on her face, with very red lipstick and dark eye shadow especially. It made her look very sexy and seductive. She was the victim of the ‘Kosmetics Killer’ who liked to kill and rape women and then apply cosmetics to their face to make them look alive as a grotesque joke to whoever finds them. I was rather tired so I decided to just do my work on her but then after I had stripped and washed her body, I decided that she looked too good to go to waste. After making sure that her vagina was clean of all the rapist’s cum, I enjoyed an hour of good post mortem sex with her shapely corpse while enjoying the sight of her beautiful face. I kept giving her mouth to mouth as I enjoyed the sight of her cheeks puffing out and breasts rising., Of course, it was too late to revive her.
When I was done, I washed her again and dressed her up in a classy looking blue dress. She looked really graceful and pretty. No one can tell that she had been raped twice.

Author's infos
Gender: Male    Age: Secret    Location: N/A
Dark Fantasy , Asian, Male/Female, Male/Teen Female, Murder, Necrophilia, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Snuff, Virginity

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Ketika Berumur 16 Tahun: Antara Aku, Mama, dan Mobil Ambulance


Ketika Berumur 16 Tahun: Antara Aku, Mama, dan Mobil Ambulance
Biar enak membaca catatan panjang ini, silahkan putar setiap lagu yang ditemui, termasuk yang ini….

Ketika itu aku berumur 16 tahun, duduk di bangku SMA kelas dua dan berada jauh dari seberang pulau Halmahera, Maluku Utara, tepatnya di Kota Blitar, Jawa Timur. Ada kisah menyedihkan yang membuatku hijrah ke Kota Proklamasi ini. Kerusuhan antar penganut agama tahun 1999-2000 di Maluku Utara adalah penyebabnya. Konflik kekerasan itu berdampak buruk luar biasa bagi kehidupan dan tatanan sosial masyarakat kampungku. Rusaknya kekerabatan antar keluarga adalah salah satunya. Dan melahirkan ribuan pengungsi termasuk aku adalah akibat yang lain.

Di balik sebuah peristiwa selalu ada hikmah. Itulah hebatnya manusia. Selalu ada usaha pemaknaan dan memaknai apa yang dialami. Kami mengalami banyak kesengsaraan akibat kerusuhan yang tidak perlu ini, karena harus pergi dari rumah dan mengungsi dari satu desa ke tempat lainnya. Mulai dari desa Wayaua yang harus kami tinggalkan, mengungsi ke Desa Tawa, ke Panambuang, kemudian ke desa Sayoang. Dan sebagian lagi kemudian melanjutkan status sebagai pengungsi ke Manado dan Saumlaki.

Namun, karena peristiwa ini juga, aku akhirnya bisa sampai ke Kota Blitar, sampai juga ke pulau Jawa, akhirnya melihat Monas dari dekat, serta bisa naik Kereta Api, dan bisa kembali bersekolah adalah salah satu hikmah di balik peristiwa itu. Tentu ada banyak hal baik lagi yang bisa dipetik dari kerusuhan yang juga merugikan masyarakat Indonesia itu.

Kepergianku ke Kota Blitar, dengan naik Kapal Perang Teluk Bone (511) sekitar bulan September 2000, terjadi berkat belas kasih seorang Kapten Infantri bermana Salamum. Perjalanan melalui laut dari Pelabuhan Babang menuju Surabaya itu dilalui sekitar satu minggu perjalanan. Entah karena apa pak Salamun ini lantas berniat menjadikanku anak angkatnya. Aku awalnya menolak, sebab ajakan itu muncul di saat pertemuan pertama kali terjadi. Sesaat nampak aneh ajakan itu karena memang kami tidak saling kenal sebelumnya.

Bayangkan, ketika Anda sedang berjalan kemudian berpapasang dengan seorang yang tidak dikenal, dan tiba-tiba seorang tua berbadan besar, tinggi, serta hitam itu, dengan tatapan tajam dan diiringi nada tegas itu berucap: kau mau ikut aku ke Jawa?! Sebagai anak muda kecil, dengan trauma konflik antar agama, serta disesaki beragam isu bahwa pada kerusuhan itu aparat TNI memihak kelompok tertentu, aku pun langsung dengan gaya tegas (walau malu-malu mau) berkata tidak mau, pak!

Kami bertemu di desa Sayoang, tempat pengungsian terakhirku—karena sesudahnya aku langsung berubah menjadi warga Kota Blitar. Waktu itu beliau menjabat sebagai Komandan Kompi A di Batalyon Infantri 511 Karang Tengah, Kota Blitar, yang ditugaskan mengamankan tempat kami akibat konflik berbau agama itu. Namun, karena ada beberapa masalah, akhirnya hanya enam bulan aku hidup bersama keluarga dengan satu anak laki (Alfa) dan satu anak perempuan (Omega) itu.

Mamaku berkunjung dan aku menyetir

Sekitar tahun 2002 menjelang aku masuk SMA, mama mengunjungiku. Mama sudah bisa datang mengunjungi sebab suasana kampung kami sudah mulai stabil. Keamanan sudah mulai pulih, dan perdamaian sudah mulai mekar, walau belum nampak indah. Ini kali pertama kami bertemu pasca kepergiannku ke Kota Blitar. Kedatangan mama amat mengemberikan hati. Mama dari Kota Ternate naik kapal laut.

Bertepatan waktu itu ada juga anggota Batalyon 511 yang dipulangkan dari tugas pengamanan di Papua karena sakit. Mobil ambulance Batalyon pun dikirim ke Surabaya untuk menjemput rekan tentara yang sakit itu. Dan kebetulan pula, kapal yang ditumpangi mama sama dengan kapal yang dinaiki oleh tentara yang sakit itu. Akhirnya, diputuskan agar mama juga ikut mobil yang sama: naik ambulance. Karena aku harus sekolah, maka aku menunggu di asrama saja.

Tepat agak siang, sesuai aku balik dari sekolah, dikabari kalau mamaku sudah datang, dan sekarang bersama tentara yang sakit itu di depan pintu masuk asrama. Aku pun segera bergegas menuju pintu masuk itu. Waah, senangnya luar biasa! Mamaku sayang sudah di depan mata. Kami berpelukan dan mama memberikan kecupan sayang kepadaku.

Mama kuberi kejutan. Seusai mengantarkan tentara yang sakit ke klinik Batalyon, sopir ambulance itu lantas memberikan kemudi mobil kepadaku. Mamaku kaget berat, karena anaknya yang kecil ini ternyata sudah bisa mengemudi mobil! Ini juga berkat saran dari pak Suryo. Ayo Obet (nama panggilanku selama di asrama 511), kata beliau, antarkan mamamu ke rumah. Aku pun menyetir dan mengatarkan mamaku ke rumah pak Suryo yang ada di sekitar kompleks asrama 511. Sambil menyetir, sesekali aku melirik dan nampak nyata kalau mamaku masih belum percaya kalau jagoan kecilnya sekarang sedang menyetir mobil.

Aku bisa menyetir dimulai sejak keluar dari keluarga pak Salamun, dan tinggal dengan beberapa tentara bujangan (yang kemudian mereka juga akan jadi bapak angkat tidak resmi) di Seksi Angkutan Batalyon. Waktu itu aku masih berumur 13 tahun, SMP kelas dua. Dan di rumah baru inilah, pak Suryo, salah satu anggota di seksi ini, mengajariku mengemudi bahkan dibimbing untuk belajar memperbaiki mobil yang rusak. Mobil ambulance adalah kendaraan pertama kali yang aku kemudikan. Dengan kendaraan inilah awal mula pak Suryo mengajariku menyetir.

Tempat aku belajar menyetir mobil pertama kali adalah lapangan sepak bola milik Batalyon 511. Jika tidak salah, aku diajari pertama kali di bawah sinar terik mentari. Aku diajari membawa mobil dengan posisi sekadar maju-mundur, tujuannya masing-masing gawang yang ada di ujung lapangan. Maju harus lurus posisi, pun mundur juga wajib demikian.

Dan pada saat mundur harus menggunakan dua kaca “spion”, serta tidak dibenarkan menoleh ke belakang. Salah menggunakan kaki dalam menginjak pedal gas atau kopling, sendal siap melayang ke kepalaku. Atau kadang-kadang aku dapat hadiah ketok jidat atau tepok kepala (tok!) dari sang pelatih galak ini, kalau mengemudi dengan arah yang tidak tentu: serong kiri atau tiba-tiba mencong kanan.

Pak Suryo waktu itu adalah tentara aktif di kesatuan 511, sekaligus orang tua angkat dadakan (karena tanpa ada surat-menyurat) yang menerima dan memperbolehkan aku menginap di asrama bujangan Seksi Angkutan (bagian transportasi Batalyon) pasca keluar dari keluarga Kapten Inf. Salamun. Di rumah beliaulah mamaku akan menginap selama berada di Kota Blitar.

Mamaku relatif lama berada di Kota Blitar, kira-kira sekitar 2 bulan lamanya. Selama di sana aku begitu diperhatikan, tapi aku justru sebaliknya. Jarang sekali aku datang menemui mama di rumah pak Suryo, tempat beliau menginap. Padahal, mama berharap seusai sekolah, aku mampir ke rumah dan menghabiskan waktu bersama beliau. Eh, aku malah kadang terlalu cuek. Selama kurang lebih dua bulan itu, aku hanya sesekali datang menemui mama untuk bercerita dan bermanja ria. Aku pun ndak mau (dan malu) tidur bersama beliau. Waah, dasar anak durhaka!

Aku lebih banyak habiskan waktu untuk otak-atik mobil yang rusak di pangkalan angkutan mobil asrama, sembari terus mengasah kemampuan menyetirku. Hasilnya, aku bisa menyetir mobil truck setir kiri, mobil besar beroda tinggi (tinggi rodanya hampir satu meter) milik Batalyon 511. Entah perasaan apa yang menghantui, sehingga seakan ada jarak antara aku dengan mama.

Walau begitu, setiap hari minggu kami selalu pergi ke gereja bersama. Dan sesekali dengan menggunakan motor, kami berkeliling Kota dan foto bersama di salah satu studio foto di ujung Jl. Bali. Bahkan, tak lupa aku dibelikan satu kemeja abu-abu, satu kaos warna merah, dan satu celana panjang. Maklum, selama berada di Kota Blitar, untuk kebutuhan akan hal ini aku sedikit mengabaikannya. Mamaku pun dengan cekatan memenuhi kebutuhkan sandangku ini. Dan aku pun menikmati apa yang dibelikan mamaku itu.

Setelah lama menikmati suasana Kota Blitar ini, tiba waktunya mamaku untuk balik. Aku seharusnya ikut mengantarkan mama ke stasiun Kota Blitar, tapi entah karena ada kesibukan apa yang tidak begitu penting, aku akhirnya tidak jadi mengantarkan mamaku. Pak Suryo dan keluarganyalah yang mengantarkan mamaku. Waktu itu, mama akan naik Kereta Api dari stasiun Kota Blitar menuju Surabaya. Karena di Surabaya ada kak sepupu, mama berencana untuk mampir beberapa hari ini di sana untuk mengunjungi mereka terlebih dahulu, sebelum melanjutkan perjalanan kembali ke kampung halaman kami: desa Wayaua, Kab. Halmahera Selatan Maluku Utara.

Mama sakit

Setelah kunjungan tahun 2002 itu, sesekali obrolan antara aku dan mama serta keluarga di kampung terjalin lewat balasan telfon maupun sesekali melalui surat. Dan kabar buruk itu datang sesudah satu tahun pasca pertemuan kami itu. Tepatnya pada awal tahun 2003 kabar bahwa mama telah mengalami sakit keras itu tiba di telingaku. Aku hampir tidak percaya, sebab pada tahun 2002 aku masih bertemu dan bercengkrama dengan mama yang tampil sehat dan bugar.

Pembicaraan tentang sakitnya mama itu terus mengalir di setiap ada kesempatan berbicara selama kurung hampir setengah tahun, baik dengan papa maupun dengan mama secara langsung. Pernah suatu waktu dalam keadaan yang sudah kian melemah, mama ingin mendengar suaraku. Papa lantas mengajak mama ke Kabupaten (Kota Labuha) dan menelfon ke Jawa.

Dari kejahuan, sesekali terdengar suara yang diiringi nada batuk yang sangat menyakitkan. Di setiap pembicaraan aku merasakan mama mengalami sakit yang tidak tertahankan. Dan benar. Sakit kanker payudara yang dialami itu kian merebut berat badan dan sehatnya badan mama. Mama dikabarkan kian kurus dan mengalami penurunan berat badan akibat sakit kanker yang sudah kronis tersebut.

Beragam cara pengobatan sudah dilakukan, mulai dari penanganan dokter hingga pengobatan tradisional. Semua tidak menyembuhkan, mengingat sakitnya sudah terlanjur parah. Bahkan sampai pada titik solusi dari dokter yang paling akhir: payudara mama yang terkena kanker itu harus operasi pemotongan. Solusi ini nampaknya tidak diambil keluarga, karena ditakutkan akan berimplikasi lebih buruk. Mama pun divonis hanya akan mampu bertahan hingga enam bulan.

Aku curiga sakit itu sudah muncul sejak lama, namun mama menyembunyikannya. Ternyata dugaan itu benar. Penyakit yang terlihat di tahun 2003 itu adalah sakit yang sudah terlanjur parah. Sakit kanker payudara yang diderita mama itu sesungguhnya penyakit yang sudah lama dialami, bahkan adalah sakit turunan dari nenek, yang semestinya bisa diobati jika ada keterbukaan sejak semula. Namun, dengar-dengar karena ada unsur sakit hati tertentu terhadap papa dan ada beberapa alasan lainnya, maka mama menyembunyikan sakitnya itu. Padahal, andai kabar tentang sakit kanker itu dikatakan waktu mama ada di pulau Jawa (tahun 2002), kemungkinan untuk operasi dan sembuh bisa diusahakan.

Aku pulang kampung

Akhirnya, sekitar bulan Nopember 2003 keluarga (utamanya papa dan mama) memintaku untuk balik ke kampung halaman. Aku harus balik melihat keadaan mama dan sekaligus keluarga. Dengan segala keamatiranku dalam soal melakukan perjalanan, aku pun memantapkan diri untuk balik. Waktu itu ada seorang saudara dan sekaligus sahabat bernama Benny Ruston yang menolong dalam mengurus pembelian tiket kapal laut (Pelni) KM. Ngapulu, dari perusahaan jasa penjualan tiket.

Ini ada kali pertama aku melakukan perjalanan jauh dan sendiri. Waktu itu aku duduk di kelas dua SMA. Saat itu aku baru berumur 16 tahun, dan harus menelusuri jalan setapak (Blitar-Surabaya) dan laut yang luas (Surabaya-Balikpapan-Palu-Ternate) secara mandiri. Perjalanan kali ini, yang dilalui selama tiga hari dua malam, aku ditemani oleh satu tas ransel besar dan juga satu gitar.

Di atas kapal, aku tidak mendapat tempat tidur. Walau mendapat tiket, tapi tidak untuk tempat tidur. Maklum, keteraturan dan disiplin transportasi laut di negeri ini di waktu itu—entah kalau kini—masih amat mahal. Siapa cepat, dia dapat. Tidak diurus apakah kita menempati tempat tidur sesuai nomor tiket atau tidak.

Akhirnya, ditemani gitar kesayanganku dengan sesekali melantunkan lagu, aku tidur di ruas-ruas jalan di atas kapal itu sembari beralas kartun bekas. Aku menikmatinya dan bersyukur karena kurang dari satu hari satu malam, ada seorang yang dengan baik hati menawarkan tempat tidurnya untuk aku tempati. Karena dia akan segera turun. Kata dia daripada nanti diambil orang, lebih baik aku saja yang menggunakan. Karena toh, aku juga jelas membutuhkannya. Selang berapa hari kemudian, aku pun tiba di pelabuhan Ahmad Yani Ternate.

Sesudah dari Ternate, untuk bisa sampai ke kampung halaman (pulau Bacan), aku masih harus naik kapal kecil lagi, bertiket seratus ribu, dan dengan jarak tempuh enam jam. Kapal dari Ternate (biasanya dari pelabuhan Bastiong) jurusan pulau Bacan-pelabuhan Babang biasanya berangkat jam 23.00, sehingga tiba di sana tepat jam 05.00 atau 06.00.

Sesudah sampai di Babang, aku masih harus melanjutkan perjalanan menuju desa Wayaua. Untuk sampai ke sana, aku bisa menempuhnya melalui darat (naik ojek sekitar satu jam), juga naik kapal yang lebih kecil dengan ongkos 30.000, dan berjarak tempuh sekitar satu jam. Tapi, kalau naik kapal kita masih juga harus naik ojek atau mobil angkutan umum sederhana dari desa Songa melalui darat menuju desa Wayaua.

Bertemu mama yang sakit

Akhirnya, aku pun sampai desa Songa dan bergegas naik ojek menuju desa Wayaua. Dan, sungguh betapa kagetnya aku waktu pertama menjumpai mamaku. Pada tahun kunjungan ke Blitar pada 2002, mama dalam keadaan yang nampak sehat, tetap yang tercantik, dan dengan tubuh yang sangat bugar. Namun, ketika berjumpa di hari itu, tepat di rumah kakek dan nenek, aku sungguh menarik nafas panjang, namun tidak sanggup untuk menangis dan berbuat apapun.

Waktu itu, karena situasi yang panas di kampung, mama dirawat di rumah kakek yang konstruksi bangunannya masih lebih terbuka—karena belum tuntas direnovasi pasca kerusuhan itu—dan berada di dekat pantai, sehingga tiupan angin bisa sedikit menghibur mama yang sedang sakit.

Saat bertemu, aku sungguh tidak tau lagi mau berkata apa, aku membisu sejenak, karena situasi yang ada jauh dari apa yang ada di benakku selama ini. Berulang kali kalimat “tidak apa-apa” dan “mama baik-baik saja”, yang sering diucapatkan lewat telfon saat berbicara denganku, seakan-akan adalah kebohongan besar. Karena aku mendapati mamaku tidak dalam keadaan baik-baik saja. Mamaku kini dalam keadaan yang sakit parah dan itu menyakitinya! Aku sungguh tidak menerima mamaku disakiti oleh penyakit jahat ini: kanker payudara!

Akibat sakit ini, mama menjadi begitu amat kurus. Antara tulang dan kulit sudah sulit dibedakan. Daging yang menempel di tulang tangan, kaki, daging di seputar wajah, sudah tidak ada lagi. Saking kurusnya, mama akan merasa sakit jika disentuh, bahkan ketika lalat menghinggapi bagian tubuhnya. Lalat menyentuh saja sudah berasa sakit, apalagi bentuk sentuhan lainnya. Inilah yang menyusahkan hatiku, karena bahkan menyentuhnya pun aku harus sangat berhati-hati. Aku tidak leluasa menunjukan rasa kangen dan sayangku kepada mama melalui sentuhan. Padahal, waktu itu aku ingin sekali memeluk mama dengan erat, mencurahkan rasa sayang dan cinta yang besar ini kepadanya. Namun, apa daya, kondisi tubuh mama tidak memungkinkan.

Kurang lebih aku harus berada di sana selama dua minggu. Karena harus kembali melanjutkan studi, mau tidak mau, suka tidak suka, awal bulan Desember 2003 aku direncanakan harus kembali ke Jawa.

Selama di kampung, aku banyak menghabiskan waktu bersama mama. Tidur malam aku selalu bersama beliau. Juga karena harus mengusir lalat yang sesekali coba menyentuh beliau, aku selalu ada di samping mama untuk mengipasinya. Jika malam tiba, kadang di tengah larut mama terbangun dan meminta dikipasi, dan aku akan bangun dan melakukannya. Di saat-saat itu, aku sungguh merasakan kedekatan dan rasa bahagia bisa bersama mama. Aku sangat menikmati hari-hari itu.

Sesekali aku akan membacakan teks-teks Kitab Suci yang mama minta, menyuapi mama untuk makan, dan akan memandikan beliau jika diminta. Sungguh saat itu aku sudah tidak bisa lagi bermanja ria karena mama pasti akan kesakitan jika tubuhnya disentuh. Aku merasa susah hati dan menyesal karena telah banyak melewati dan tidak memanfaatkan waktu-waktu berkualitas bersama mama terkasih.

Di tengah situasi yang kian sedih ini, di suatu waktu, sembari kami duduk-duduk di tangga pintu masuk rumah, papa lantas berkata, apapun situasinya hari ini, Graal tetap harus balik ke Blitar dan melanjutkan studi demi masa depan. Dengan tatapan serius dan dengan nada yang penuh penyesalan beliau juga mengajakku berbicara hal lain. Memang, papa juga mengakui bahwa ada masalah antara papa dan mama, yang membuat mama sakit hati dan dulu enggan mengutarakan sakitnya itu. Papaku memang pernah selingkuh dan itu yang membuat mama sakit hati berat. Untuk hal ini, papa sudah meminta maaf dan telah melakukan pemberesan melalui pertobatan di hadapan pendeta.

Namun, pemberian maaf dari mama tetap tidak mengubah nasib sakit beliau. Sakit hati terhadap sikap buruk papa sudah diselesaikan, akan tetapi akibat dari itu, sakit yang disembunyikan, tidak juga terobati. Nasi sudah menjadi bubur!

Akhirnya, papaku menutup pembicaraan menjelang sore itu dengan satu pertanyaan yang menyakitkan: apakah Graal siap kalau mama dipanggil Tuhan hari ini atau kelak? Dengan tatapan yang tidak bisa apa-apa lagi, selain pasrah, aku pun menjawabnya dengan coba-coba setegar mungkin: ya! Lantas kutambahkan juga, karena Tuhan yang memiliki hidup, maka biarlah Dia juga yang mengambilnya. Aku akan berusaha untuk menerimanya.

Balik ke Blitar dan mama meninggal

Akhirnya, tiba juga waktuku untuk balik ke Kota Blitar. Untuk kali ini, sesuai pembicaraan, papa akan menghantarku hingga Kota Ternate. Jika tidak salah karena masa sekolah sudah akan dimulai, maka aku harus balik secepat mungkin.

Dengan penuh kesedihan aku pun perpamitan ke mama yang waktu itu terbaring di atas tempat tidur. Aku masuk ke kamar depan—dari rumah kakek—tempat mama menghabiskan waktu. Sembari aku mendekati, memeluk mama dengan erat dan menciumnya dengan penuh kasih, hendak berpamitan untuk balik. Mama pun lantas berujar, “sekolah yang baik, dan nanti kalau sudah lulus sekolah, Graal jadi Polisi, ya. Bilang ke papa, biar papa usahakan Graal untuk jadi Polisi.”

Hari ini aku memang tidak jadi polisi, namun pesan untuk sekolah yang baik, aku sedang mengusahakannya. Jika bukan aku, semoga kelak ada anak dan cucu dari mama yang memiliki dedikasi dan panggilan untuk diarahkan menjadi Polisi. Dan biarlah, senyum dari surga itu menghiasa wajah mama karena melihat harapan telah menjadi nyata.

Perjalanan dari desa Wayaua menuju desa Songa pun dimulai. Kalau tidak salah aku bertolak dari Wayaua itu tanggal 2 Desember 2003, kemudian meneruskan ke Ternate (sampai tanggal 3 Desember). Selama perjalanan di malam 2 Desember itu, mata bagian kiriku mengalami gerak aneh, yang belum pernah kualami sebelumnya. Aku sungguh merasa ada rasa kangen yang begitu besar dari mama terhadapku. Aku pun merasakan hal yang sama, sangat merindukan mama. Aku pun berkesimpulan, gerak mata kiri yang terjadi terus-menerus ini adalah tanda bahwa ada rasa rindu dari seorang yang teramat mencintai: mamaku.

Akhirnya kami pun tiba di Kota Ternate, dan segera menuju penginapan, serta cepat-cepat pula bergegas membeli tiket kapal laut menuju Surabaya. Setelah membeli tiket, akhirnya tepat 4 Desember aku harus naik kapal untuk melakukan perjalanan balik, sekaligus meneruskan perjalanan hidupku. Kapal yang kunaiki juga sama dengan kapal sebelumnya, yakni KM. Ngapulu.

Waktunya naik kapal. Papa hanya mengantarkanku hingga pelabuhan. Dan dari kejahuan papa mengamatiku menaiki setiap anak tangga. Segera sampai di atas kapal, aku pun bergegas mencari tempat tidur. Kali ini, aku bisa dapat tempat untuk menaruh kepala, karena penumpang kapal relatif sedikit.

Sesudahnya, aku segera keluar untuk memberikan salam berpisahan sementara buat papa. Dari kejahuan nampak papa juga memberikan lembayan tangan. Aku pun sesekali membalas dan sembari memberikan senyum. Kapal memberikan tanda akan melepas tali ikatan dari pelabuhan, bunyi sirene kapal pun dibunyikan tiga kali (tooommmm….tommmm…tommm…), biasanya kami menyebutnya “stom kapal” atau kapal “su stom tiga kali, itu tanda kapal mau lapas tali….”.

Kapal semakin menjauh dari pelabuhan, dan lembayan tangan papa juga kian tidak terlihat. Ini tanda bahwa aku harus segera masuk dan menikmati istirahat serta perjalanan ini.

6 Desember 2003 aku sampai Surabaya. Setelah dua minggu lebih aku meninggalkan pulau Jawa, kini aku menemuinya lagi. Bahkan, untuk waktu yang akan lumayan lama lagi (3 tahun) untuk kembali meninggalkannya.

Dari Surabaya, aku langsung menuju Kota Blitar. Sampailah sekitar jam 15.00 di Kota Blitar. Aku segera menuju asrama 511. Sesampai di Blitar, aku pun segera menyiapkan hal-hal yang diperlukan untuk masuk sekolah di tanggal 8 Desember 2003.

Akhirnya, waktu sekolah tiba. Aku bersama teman-teman pun masuk, dan seperti biasa untuk berangkat ke sekolah aku dijemput/dibarenggi oleh Benny Ruston. Hari Senin berlalu, aku bisa melalui dengan senang dan gembira. Sembari terus menunggu kabar kesehatan dari mamaku tersayang. Hari berikutnya, Selasa (9/12), kami juga masuk seperti biasa dan melaluinya dengan tawa dan canda layaknya anak baru gede.

Tepatnya pada hari Rabu, 10 Desember 2003, siang itu di saat aku sedang menikmati belajar, ada telfon berdering dan diikuti panggilan dari kantor sekolah. Bahwa siswa yang bernama Graal Taliawo segera ke kantor, ada panggilan telfon. Dengan santai aku segera menuju kantor, santai karena sudah sering ada panggilan telfon untuk diriku.

Sesampainya di kantor sekolah, aku langsung saja mengangkat gagang telfon itu. Ternyata, di ujung sana terdengar ada suara ibu dengan nada senduh khas orang Jawa menyapaku: halo nak Graal, ini bu Suryo (istri pak Suryo). Oh, ya bu, jawabku cepat. Ya, ada apa, bu Sur? Le dirimu ndak merasakan apa-apa kah?, tanyanya. Aku menjawab tidak ada bu, biasa-biasa saja. Ndak ngipi opo-opo le?, tambahnya. Tidak bu, aku menjawab lirih.

Dalam benak, aku sudah menduga kuat bahwa akan ada berita yang menyedihkan. Dan ternyata itu benar! Suara Bu Suryo membuyarkan imajinasiku, dengan berkata: le, ibumu wes ndak enek (Nak, mamamu sudah ndak ada: sudah meninggal). Sing tabah, ya nak, sambung bu Sur.

Bu Suryo diminta menyampaikan berita sedih ini kepadaku, karena selain rumah beliau yang dihubungi, pak Suryo dan bu Suryo dikenal sudah seperti orang tuaku sendiri, sehingga dirasa lebih tepat jika mereka yang menyampaikannya kepadaku.

Mendengar berita itu, duniaku segera menjadi nampak berbeda sesaat itu juga. Suasana gembira ala anak muda tidak lagi bisa kunikmati, walau riuh suara teman sebayaku terdengar dari seberang kelas. Tatapan mataku segera menjadi kosong. Tembok sekolah segera menjadi sasaran sorotan mata protesku. Aku sungguh mau pingsan, namun tidak bisa. Aku hanya bisa diam, tidak bisa berkata apa-apa, selain segera menutup telfon itu dengan ucapan terima kasih, bu Sur. Beliau menyarankan aku segera pulang ke asrama, agar bisa menenangkan diri sejenak. Aku pun mengiyakan.

Di antara sahabat, aku kemudian memanggil Benny, dan bercerita kepadanya. Aku mengajaknya menuju ke kamar mandi dekat kelas kami. Benny, kataku, mamaku meninggal Ben. Mamaku telah tiada, sudah dipanggil Allah Sang Pencipta. Dengan gaya menahan tanggis, aku mengatakan hal itu kepadanya. Benny pun lantas memegang bahuku sebagai tanda dia juga ikut sedih dengan situasi yang aku alami. Aku lantas berpesan kepadanya jangan menceritakan ke yang lain dulu.

Untuk sementara waktu, biarlah berita duka ini cukup beredar di antara kita berdua. Teman-teman kelas yang lain belum kami beritahu, ada waktunya aku akan bercerita kepada mereka. Toh, mereka juga mulai bertanya mengapa aku balik dan tidak melanjutkan belajar di kelas. Ya, sesudah mengabari Benny, aku memintanya mengantarkanku pulang ke asrama. Selang beberapa hari, Benny juga memberikan lima kutipan dari tulisan Kahlil Gibran tentang maut (kematian). Semuanya sangat berkesan dan menguatkan.

Kukutipkan beberapa di antaranya:

“Maut adalah akhir bagi anak bumi, tetapi bagi jiwa ia adalah awal kemenangan kehidupan”

yang lain:

“Manusia adalah seperti buih di laut, yang terapung di atas permukaan airnya! Ketika angin bertiup ia bilang seolah-olah tidak pernah ada, demikianlah kehidupan kita ditiup oleh maut.”

Kesedihan kian menjadi, saat aku tiba di kamar asrama. Waktu itu juga sedang sepi. Para prajurit penghuni kamar bujangan itu, juga tidak kelihatan. Mereka sedang sibuk dengan tugas-tugasnya. Aku pun dengan leluasa menangis dan meluapkan kesedihan itu dalam kesendirian. Aku menangis histeris dan sungguh-sungguh larut dalam kesedihan itu. Tak ada orang yang menemani untuk menghibur.

Yang juga membuatku sedih adalah karena mama harus pergi tanpa ada satu pun anak terkasih yang berada di sampingnya. Kakakku (Lessda) waktu itu juga harus menyiapkan kuliah ke Kota Malang pasca lulus SMA dari Tomohon, Sulawesi Utara. Dan aku masih harus berjuang di Kota Blitar. Ya, aku pun sendiri melewati isak tangisku itu. Dengan Alkitab di tangan, walau tanpa tujuan jelas aku mau ngapain dengan Kitab Suci ini, namun yang pasti, seakan ada kekuatan yang terberi ketika mendekapnya dalam menghadapi kesedihan itu.

Kini mamaku sudah di alam surga, kurang lebih telah delapan tahun kami berpisah. Kini aku hanya bisa menangisinya, jikalau sesekali rasa kangen itu menghampiriku. Namun, aku pun sadari bahwa mama pasti memberikan senyumnya dari kejahuan buatku, si jagoan kecilnya yang pernah mengangetkan karena bisa menyetir mobil ambulance. Mama sudah lebih bahagia dan menikmtai cinta dan kasih sayang dari Allah yang maha mencukupkan itu.

Karena cinta dariku (manusia) pasti terbatas, bisa redup, dan kadang-kadang egois, maka aku ikhlaskan dengan sangat untuk mama menikmati cinta tak terbatas dari Yang Punya Hidup ini. Dan semoga, kebahagiaan yang sesungguhnya itu juga kami (manusia) bisa mengalaminya, ketika Yesus Kristus segera datang atau pun tiba saat kita dipanggil-Nya.

Kematian kadang sulit dipahami oleh bahasa manusia. Kita sering hanya sanggup meresponnya dengan tangis dan banjir air mata. Mungkin, itulah bahasa lain yang bisa menolong kita dalam merespon kematian, ketika bahasa verbal tidak lagi memenuhi gairah dan mewakili kesedihan dalam batin kita. Aku sungguh bersyukur kepada Allah Sang Pencipta melalui adanya tahap hidup yang menyedihkan ini. Karena kutau, dalam kesendirian itu, aku dikuatkan-Nya menghadapi dan memaknai arti sebuah kematian.

Penutup: refleksi karena foto

Entah mengapa, siang ini (29 Juli 2012), aku tergerak membuka kembali lembar-lembar lama. Awalnya hanya ingin melihat kembali koleksi buku-buku lama, termasuk hendak membaca kembali UU Pokok Reformasi Agraria. Namun tanpa sengaja fotoku bersama mama waktu 2002 itu terlihat. Foto lama ini masih terlihat indah dengan wajah mama yang nampak cantik.

Lama menatap foto itu tiba-tiba hatiku terenyuh sedih, perlahan hatiku kian hancur, dan rasa kangen itu kian menjadi. Aku pun menangis terseduh-seduh dan sejadi-jadinya di tengah lantunan lagu “Di Doa Ibuku Namanku Disebut”. Sungguh refleksi melalui foto ini telah mengingatkanku banyak hal tentang masa-masa indah dulu. Masa di mana aku masih bisa menikmati cubitan mama dan amarah mama di kala kenakalanku menunjukan rupa.

Kini, keterpisahan jasmani antara kami dan mama telah terjadi. Kami tak bisa protes kepada Allah atas peristiwa itu, selain mengambil didikan penting dari padanya. Karena untuk banyak peristiwa, termasuk saat kematian menjemput sekalipun, terkadang kita tidak bisa berbuat banyak, selain mendidik diri melalui setiap hikmah darinya.

Semoga mama tetap memberikan senyum cantik bagiku dan kami dari jauh. Dan kami dalam keseharian, baik sekarang maupun yang akan datang, akan terus berusaha untuk “sekolah yang baik” dan memberikan yang terbaik dari diri ini demi Kehidupan dan Allah.

Adegan demi adegan kehidupan ini adalah kisahku (kami) di tahun yang lampau. Namun, mengingatnya kembali membuat ada rasa syukur kepada Allah yang teramat besar. Dia yang berkuasa dan berdaulat serta mencipta, Dia juga yang berhak mengatur bahkan mengambilnya. Dan bagi kita (aku) mari memberi makna dan memaknai segala peristiwa apa pun yang (pasti) tidak kebetulan itu. Karena (kita) aku tau, segala sesuatu memang selalu indah pada waktunya!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Handsome Rapist

Introduction: A controlling female executive learns things she never imagined.

*** Based on a PM and some comments in a forum thread. I am writing another first for me. Please understand that this is entirely fictional/fantasy. Everyone has sexual fantasies and if you cannot write about them, or think about them, then what freedom does one really have? Please send me PM's or write a Comment. I like getting feedback... and as you can see from this it gives me ideas.

I really hope you enjoy this story. My effort has hopefully done this genre justice.***

The Handsome Rapist

It was another fine day at the office, if you are really into the weekly Management Team Meeting. I was and took my career very seriously. That particular meeting agenda was important. I had planned what I was going to do at it for the lest ten days.

I guess you would have to know more about my past to understand what motivates me to do certain things.

I made all the right moves in University. Making sure I volunteered for all the Business School charity events, was active in the Student Union, and was a Varsity swimmer was just part of the plan. The other was to worked part time at a bank, and meet a man who was going to fit in well with my future plans. By the time I graduated with my MBA I was well set for a bright career. I had made all the right connections, had a great network of contacts, and made use of them to advance myself.

The fact I am beautiful made it easier. My 5'5”, 115 lbs body is fit, trim, and curvy in all the right places. My breasts are a C cup and full and firm and sit perfectly on my chest. My ass is sculpted from a lot of time at the gym and I know it catches attention. Men can be so easy, when they see me walking toward them they almost always smile, even if they are walking with another woman. I usually can catch a guy checking out my ass after I walk by. At work I always wear a jacket, skirt, feminine blouses, nylons and 3” heels. My long black hair is always styled conservatively. I go for manicures regularly and my spa days are twice a month. I take care to always be conservative with just a hint of sexy. Being Japanese gives me an exotic factor that is in my favour, but also throws people off as they assume, somewhat rightly, that I am a workaholic. My upbringing makes it very easy for me to maintain a calm public face no matter what is happening. I can act demure at the drop of a hat.

At work I am viewed as unattainable. I don't date guys I work with and cut them off if they are asking me out. I love being underestimated because of my looks. It causes those who view me as an object to fall into whatever trap I lay for them.

I advanced to management by lulling my previous two bosses into a false sense of security and then turning on them, reporting their transgressions with proof, and always in the most innocent way.

Towards my coworkers, as I advanced, I was always very pleasant. I made time for them and worked at gaining their trust. It helped me to know what they were up to, manipulate things to my advantage, and ensure that I always performed just a bit better than them.

In short, I am a political animal and ruthless. The fact I can actually do my job very well helps. It had made me the youngest Manager in the Company. I had over 100 people reporting to me and the Supervisory Team below me. I answered to the Director of Operations. Admittedly, I had my eye on his position, but at the time thought I needed to play the game for another year, unless he committed a major error and I could topple him.

The guy I was dating while in University, I dumped him. He wanted to take all his qualifications and work in for a non-profit group. No incentives, no advancement, no acceptable compensation package. Despite his family background, and his father's own ruthless nature and wealth, he decided this and wanted us to move into a middle class neighbourhood I wanted no part of. He was talking of marriage and me staying home with the kids. My base salary at the time was 125K per year without the bonuses. He made 60K per year. If he thought I was going to kiss off my career and stay home, he was obviously not paying attention. I did not get my MBA to end up a stay at home baby factory living on a tight budget because my husband was not smart enough in career choice, lacked motivation, and could not afford a Nanny for the kids.

My parents intentionally drove me to seek success and view every business situation as a form of war.

As I was growing up my mother spent hours explaining strategy, politics, and manipulation. She helped me to learn how to examine the battlefield and used all aspects of that environment to advantage. She taught me all the subtleties and nuances that battle on the business front entailed, and how to understand and know my opponent. It was one of the best things she ever did for me. She was like Sun Tzu, Miyamoto Musashi, and Nicollo Machiavelli all rolled into one.

She gave me a pair of framed quotes which still hand in my home to this day.

The first one, quoting Miyamoto Musashi, reads “"The important thing in strategy is to suppress the enemy's useful actions but allow his useless actions".

The second, quoting Niccolo Machiavelli, reads “If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.”

Whether applied to war, politics, or business they have served me well.

I always knew what I wanted and she prepared me to ensure I would know how to get it.

The day that changed my life I never saw coming, I never imagined it could happen to me so fast. Of course I knew that my rapid advancement would create feelings of envy, doubt about my character, or even anger in others. I always knew that someone would feel the need to try and pull me down, but I knew I was prepared to face all my opponents and spent considerable time meditating and preparing.

So there I was, sitting in the meeting. I had dressed carefully that day as I knew the CEO was coming to the meeting, which was rare. We had a major new directive coming down regarding our new Mission Statement and it's implementation. I knew the details of what was going to be discussed already and was prepared to shine.

I choose a blue skirt that was conservative in style, but just tight enough to reveal my narrow waist and the curve of my ass. It was the right length, but combined with my tan sheer nylons showed the promise and beauty of my toned legs. My blouse was a scoop neck white silk, and just transparent enough to reveal a hint of my lace undergarments. The bra presented my cleavage beautifully, but did not reveal it clearly, unless I chose to bend over to reveal my tender smooth flesh . The blazer was tailored and gave me an overall conservative look. Without it on my look would be very sexy, but elegant.

When the presentation was done by the CEO he invited our input. I was well prepared and I presented my ideas perfectly. It appeared I had been giving thought to issues we were now discussing, but did not have the appearance of having been told anything in advance. Of course I had been tipped off by a would be romantic interest. Any statistics I used I was careful to closely ball park them or openly refer to my departments own reports, that had been carefully prepared for this very meeting.

My acting was flawless. My boss did not resent me, but I could tell he wished he had been able to share some of my new found accolades. The other Manager's actually supported me and one even thanked me for capturing the CEO's attention, as that Manager had not been prepared properly to even attend a regular meeting.

I am usually cautious with female Manager's as they tend to be rather more intuitive than my male colleagues, but even they fell for it. It had gone so much better than I thought possible.

When the meeting concluded and we adjourned to a Country Club for the lunch I was asked to sit at the CEO's table. I handled the lunch magnificently and the CEO told the VP of Operations, and my Director, that he wanted me assigned to the committee implementing the changes. They agreed and both supported me, but I did see my Director flinch when he heard it.

I knew what he was thinking, that he would have to watch his back. Musashi said “"In battle, if you you make your opponent flinch, you have already won." In time I would finish him. Consciously he didn't realize it yet, or understand the extent of the threat I represented.

After lunch I spoke to my Director and said everything necessary to make him feel better. I also hinted that if I would pass along anything of use to him, thus ensuring that both of us prospered and our Division looked better than the others. He believed me and appreciated that. I wanted him calm and to believe I posed no threat, but rather was his friend. His biggest shortcoming is that he has never been able to recognize an enemy.

When the CEO and Vice President invited me into a private room, of course I accompanied them. I could see an appreciation for my appearance in both their eyes. I used all my charm and expressed appreciation for their allowing me such a prestigious opportunity.

The CEO explained that between the meeting and lunch he had reviewed my file and was quite sure that I was perfect for the job. He indicated that he wished he had heard of me sooner. My Vice President offered me anything I needed.

They then began a discussion about the corporate structure and my placement in it. Because of various policies and memorandums they concluded that my current job title and assignment would create problems. On the spot they promoted me they gave me the title of Deputy Director, assigned to the position of Special Assistant to the Planning Committee.

That was massive as that committee was responsible for the Mission implementation, our Business Plans, Capital Planning and had a major voice in the budget. I asked what exactly I would be doing. I was told I would be their travelling eyes and ears, gather information from whatever area I was sent to, and be asked to draw up recommendations for review by the Committee. Basically I now had access to the entire Board, and their clout behind me. It also meant close contact with the CEO. I have no doubt that factored into his decision. I knew his wife, a frumpy shrew who held him in thrall simply by the financial cost of divorce. I knew he would be easy to manage if he even thought he had a chance to get his hands on my body.

The compensation package was roughed out and was substantial. I would have to work long hours and travel a great deal, but this was a huge opportunity and I accepted it. The CEO asked if I wanted to discuss it my my husband and I managed not to show any resentment, saying “I'm not married or currently involved.” His response was “Perfect.” I saw a look in his eyes and knew he was having some very pleasant ideas.

I left there with the Vice President, who broke the news to my Director at the office. Naturally I held onto my receptionist, she was very loyal and the transfer meant about $20K more a year for her. Megan was almost slavish in her devotion to me and always passed the trust exercises I tested her with, and they were often. A pretty young blonde woman only two years younger than me, she was very proud that she worked for me.

The new corner office was on the 19th floor and has a spectacular view. With fanatical zeal Megan was getting me settled in nicely. I particularly enjoyed choosing the furnishings and the opportunity to design my environment.

I decided it was time to celebrate and invited Megan out, along with Manager's who I knew would be useful in the future if I ever came back as a Director. We went out to a very nice executive bar and had a great time.

That night changed my life. I never envisioned a complete stranger as being the one that would crack my armour and expose things about me that would prove a revelation.

Rarely do I ever get intoxicated, and never around people I work with. I had taken off my blazer and was enjoying relaxing and solidifying my ties with these people. It was interesting watching them jockey for my attention as I was now someone they deeply desired to have on their side.

At the end of the night I went outside, with Megan, to get her a taxi. She was not drunk, but was pretty well on the way. As we stood outside the bar she kept hugging me and thanking me. She kissed my cheek, which was a first, telling me how grateful she was and what an amazing woman I was. When she kissed my mouth I was caught off guard, I had not realized she liked women. I let the kiss linger for a few seconds, with my hand gently holding the back of her head, and when it ended I leaned back and said “You are so drunk...” laughing I continued “..and you're molesting your Boss.”

She winked at me and said “I will do so much more if you like.” with a seductive look. I admit that I found her very appealing and it would not be my first encounter with a woman by any stretch, but this was not the time.

I leaned in and kissed her forehead, hugged her and said “That's very sweet Megan, but lets talk about this another time okay?”

A look of worry crossed her face and she said “Are you mad at me? I'm so sorry Miss Tanaka.”

Still smiling I said “How can I be mad? I just think this is not the place or the time. I'm not sure it is even appropriate, but angry? Never, not with you.” I hugged her again and said “You have been drinking, don't even worry about it or try and analyze it.”

Looking into her eyes she looked relieved but kind of worried. I leaned in and lightly kissed her and said “Your ride is here.” The kiss calmed her tremendously and I put her in the taxi and waved after closing the door.

I turned around to walk back in the bar and there was a guy standing nearby I had not noticed. He smiled at me and said “That was so fucking hot. You two are gorgeous together.”

Looking at him I simply said “Thanks” was all I and started walking again.

“Where are you going?” he asked stepping up to me as he dropped his cigarette and stepped on it.

He was about 6' tall, wearing a leather coat over what appeared to be a bartender's uniform from this establishment. He was very fit, clearly worked out, has short brown hair, blue piercing eyes, and quite honestly was very handsome. The way he moved suggested he was a strong personality, probably a very determined person. I could also see a large bulge in his pants.

Stopping again I said “Back inside” gesturing with my hand.

He was standing close to me and smiling down at me. His eyes glanced over my body and he said “Why?”

“My jacket is at the table still and I need it.” I replied softly.

“Okay” he said “Get your jacket and come back outside.” I looked at him and didn't say anything, I just turned around and went to get it. What the hell was I doing? This might turn out to be a really bad idea, but I didn't want to over think it.

I went back outside and he was standing leaning against the building. I stopped and looked at him. He raised an eyebrow and I walked over to him. He smiled and took my jacket from me and helped me put it on.

“What's your name?” He asked.

“Saya, Saya Tanaka.” I said quietly. The way he was looking at me, that hard probing look in his eyes made me feel so tiny.

“Come with me Saya” he said, putting his arm around me and walking down the street with me away from the bar. My heart was starting to race, I was being stupid, this was really not smart. What the hell was I thinking doing this?

We walked and he asked me if I was married, do you live with anyone, are you seeing anyone. The answer to all the questions was “No” in a quiet voice.

We were passing an alley when he grabbed my arm and half dragging me pulled me down it. When we reached a secluded area he pushed my back against the wall and leaned into me.

My heart was pounding in my chest and I felt a tinge of real fear. There was no way I could stop what was about to happen. He moved like a tiger and I discovered his muscles were like cords of steel.

He placed one hand on my throat and leaned in. He didn't kiss me, but sniffed his way from my cleavage, up my neck, and to my hair.

He made a low “Mmmmmmmmmm” sound and said “Do you taste as good as you smell? Lets find out.”

His other hand pulled up my skirt and his fingers slid up my thigh and when he reached my panties he said “I don't like underwear” and ripped the lace, tearing them off. He took them in his hand and said “Open” as he held them by my mouth.

When I hesitated he slapped my face with the hand holding them and gripped my throat tighter. I cried out and he said low and menacingly “This is going to go one of two ways Cunt. You can either be a good slut or a bad slut. Bad sluts get their asses beat. What's it going to be... are you a good slut or a bad slut?”

I stared at him, tears coming into my eyes, and meekly said “I'll be good.”

“A good what bitch?” as he tapped my forehead with his index finger.

I whimpered and said “A good slut.”

“Then open your fucking mouth slut.” he growled.

I immediately did so and he shoved the panties in my mouth.

He ran his hand down over my face and to my chest, and slapped my still clothed tits “That was for hesitating to answer” he said. He pulled back his hand and slapped them hard again and said “That was because I wanted to.” smiling evilly.

I was crying and my tits hurt. My head was pressed against the wall and I could do nothing. I was breathing hard through my nose because he had gagged me with my torn panties and I was very afraid now, wondering what was to come.

He leaned in and licked my face, tasting my tears. I could not turn away because of his grip. Leaning back and looking into my eyes he said “I like the taste of your tears... you are so beautiful when you cry.”

I whimpered and he kissed my neck.

His free hand now moved down between my legs and he roughly jammed two fingers into my pussy. I was crying and whimpering as he roughly fucked my pussy with his meaty fingers.

When he stopped he brought them up before us so we could both see them. They were coated with my juices, I had gotten wet from his treatment.

“Look at this you fucking whore.” He laughed “This is turning you on. You're a seriously fucked up little cunt aren't you? See how wet you are?'

He licked his fingers and said “That is a really sweet tasting cunt you have there. You are going to be my sweet little fuck meat tonight.”

He reached back down and began roughly finger fucking me again, this time though he curled his fingers upwards and made sure his thumb was smashing hard against my clit. I was still whimpering when he started this and then heard myself moan when my body shook.

“Holy shit you fucking whore! You really are a fucking little Asian cunt. You like this, getting your slutty little shaved pussy finger fucked in a nasty alley.” he was saying this into my ear and was still licking my face, gathering my tears.

My body betrayed me completely and I knew this rapist was going to make me cum all over his fingers. When I came my body convulsed and the only thing holding me up was his powerful hand around my throat. He was laughing at me and biting my ear as I rocked through my forced orgasm. I was so ashamed that he made me cum.

He took his fingers out of my soaking pussy and brought them up to my mouth. He smeared them over my cheeks and told me to sniff them. I could smell my juices as he rubbed them around.

He reached back down and slapped my pussy hard. I screamed into my torn panties as he spanked my pussy and my inner thighs. The tears he loved to taste kept flowing as he greedily licked them off of my face.

When he roughly started finger fucking me again he was doing it so hard he was almost lifting me off the ground with the force of it. My tears were flowing freely and running down my face. I was humiliated that I was being made to cum by this way. He was using my body for what he wanted.

He made me shudder through another orgasm and brought his hand up. He released my throat, jamming his thigh between my legs hard to keep my from falling, crushing it into my cunt. My bare ass scraped against the brick behind me.

He ripped the gag out of my mouth with one hand and jammed his thick fingers, coated with my own juices in, making me taste myself. He fucked my mouth with his fingers saying “Suck them”. I knew better than to try and defy him and did as I was told. He laughed at me and pulled his fingers out. He held them in front of my mouth and said “Lick them”

I reached out with my tongue and began licking them as he rotated his hand around, making me clean them for him.

He lowered his hand and brought both to my chest, mauling my breasts through my blouse and bra. My whimpers were clearly audible now.

“You are a serious piece of ass slut.” he said as he continued molesting my tits. “Your probably hot shit at work right whore?” I nodded and he said “Use you words cunt” he growled.

“Yes” I said.

“Probably have a nice office. Everyone was kissing your ass tonight. You a rich cunt?”

“No, not rich.” I said meekly as he crushed my breasts cruelly making me cry out.

“Fucking liar. Everything about you screams money. How much do you make?” he demanded.

“175 a year” I managed to whimper out with the pain he was causing.

“You suck cock at work to get ahead, or are you a fucking tease?”

“I've never sucked cock at work.” I said a little too proudly.

He slapped my tits making me scream in pain. “Who was the little slut you were kissing?”

“My receptionist, Megan.” I moaned out.

“You ever fuck that?” He asked.

“No, that was the first time we did that.” I whimpered, the pain he was causing my breasts as he slapped and kneaded them was becoming too much.

He took a hold of my blouse and ripped it open, tearing the expensive garment in half, torn threads hanging from it. He looked down at my bra encased tits and said “Those are some hot fucking tits” and he pulled out a small knife from his pocket.

I screamed and he slapped my face causing my head to hit the wall. I was dazed by the pain as he took the knife and cut my bra off. Through the ringing in my head I felt him grab my nipples and twist them, almost tearing them off he was so rough. “Oh yeah cunt. Your fucking nipples are perfect. I could do this to you all night.”

He kept twisting them making me cry out and started slapping them again between twists. I was a wreck and started to fall over to the side. My breasts were on fire and my sensitive nipples hurt so much I expected to see blood on his hands. He grabbed my throat hard with one hand pulled me upright and pushed my head back so it hit the wall. If it wasn't for my thick hair I am sure I would have been knocked out.

He stopped abusing my tits and leaned back looking at them. He was smiling as he began gently caressing them. After his abuse, this still hurt, but he new touch although painful had a new element and I was feeling pleasure. The humiliation was so hard to take.

“You don't have to do this” I said through tears “I will do what you want.”

He looked me in the eyes and said “I am doing what I want. I wanted to abuse your sweet fucking body from the moment I laid eyes on you. You're so fucking beautiful Saya, and pain looks really hot on you... I love your fucking tears, the way you whimper like only a good little Asian slut can. Your big expressive eyes. Those full lips that are just begging to be kissed and fucked. I've raped a lot of women but your the Slut Queen. Your such a delicious little fuck toy. Your tits look so good, I bet the bruises will be so fucking hot on you. I think I'm addicted to you.”

When he was done speaking he leaned in and lightly kissed me. He leaned back and looked into my eyes and I knew what he wanted, and I obeyed. When he kissed me again I opened my mouth and kissed him back, sliding my hands up and gently placing them on his hard chest. I knew what he would do if I didn't give him what he wanted, I had no choice. I was so conflicted about this and hated the fact I noticed he was a really good kisser. After a couple of minutes of hot kissing he leaned back and looked down at me. I could see he was pleased.

“That was very good my sweet little slut. Your lips were as nice to kiss as I thought they would be.” he said gently.

He leaned down and started licking my tits and the gentle oral attention felt good on my skin. I should have known better. He began lightly licking my nipples, gently sucking on them, and then suddenly bit me hard and slapped my other tit. I screamed at the shock and he did the same to the other breast slapping the breast he had made wet with his tongue. He began sucking as much of my tits as he could into his mouth and biting them painfully. He drew back and said “Fucking great tits. Look at them.” he ordered.

I looked down. My beautiful tits, the objects of so many lustful filled stares from men, and a point of pride for me, were a flaming red. I could see his teeth marks on them and the hints of the bruises they would have from his abuse.

“Do you like that? Do you like the way they look?” he asked staring at them with admiration.

“It does not matter what I think, you like them that way” I said. Where the hell did that come from I thought to myself and felt a rush of humiliation.

He jerked my neck causing me to look in his eyes and said “That's the most romantic thing I have ever heard, and fucking hot. You are a Good Slut.”

He leaned in and kissed me hotly, moving his hands and wrapping his arms around me, holding me tightly to him. There I was, my jacket open, my blouse torn to shreds hanging under it, my skirt forced up around my waist, with my torn panties laying on the ground next to us. All of that and I was passionately sucking face with my rapist, devouring his tongue. As humiliated as I felt I now also thought I was a depraved slut. I could not believe how this was making me feel. I had no idea how depraved he would make me.

He ended our kiss and smiled at me “You don't even understand what you are in for do you?”

“No” I said honestly.

He set me back down gently and smiled at me sweetly, his left hand gently caressing my face and running through my hair “It's almost a shame, but not quite.”

When his right hand slapped me full force in the face I was caught off guard and fell to the side and backward from it, slamming into the wall and landing on my stomach on the ground.

“You just a fucking whore, a slut, and I am going to use you like one.” he said as I was laying on the ground, my head spinning from the hit. I knew I had blood coming from my mouth. I tried to lift myself up but the world was spinning. My knees hurt and I knew my nylons were ruined. He had hit me so hard I lost my left shoe.

As I was struggling to get up I felt him wrap a fist in my hair and he jerked me to my knees and then pushed my head back down into the pavement.

“That ass is a work of art. Holy shit it's nice. You have a fucking great body slut. Thanks for sharing it.” and he started spanking my ass, alternating cheeks and sometimes my pussy. I was crying and whimpering and started begging him to stop. When I did that he shoved his fingers back into my pussy.

“Shut up, I told you, this is what I want slut.” as he finger fucked me roughly.

“I can't believe how wet you are you twisted little bitch.” he laughed as he did it. He forced me to cum again and went back raining hit down on my poor tender ass. My position left no protection and he beat me until my throat was raw from my cries and all I could do was whimper.

“Oh shit this is so fucking hot. I wish you could see your ass, the welts are so fucking hot on you.” he said softly.

When he leaned forward and kissed my asshole I jerked.

“Oh. Whats the matter slut? Never had that fine ass fucked?” he asked

“No. Never.” I said quickly, hoping he wouldn't do anything to me that way. Anal sex fucking hurt. I had not seen his cock, but the bulge looked fucking huge last time I saw it.

I did not realize he was naked behind me until I felt his unprotected cock at the entrance to my pussy.

“You on the pill slut?” he asked

“No, it makes me sick” I said

“Really... well lets get some baby batter in there and see what pops out.”

“No!” was all I managed to say before he drove a cock that felt like it was as big as a cock deep into my cunt. He slapped my ass and said “You a tight fucking slut. When was the last time you had cock in your pussy?”

I whimpered out “5 months.”

“That is such a fucking waste of prime cunt.” he said as he started fucking in and out of me. I was crying out as he was slamming into my cervix and it hurt. He would hold himself inside and grind against it loving the feel. I was begging him tearfully but stop but he just ignored me. He kept fucking away at me, my tits grazing the pavement painfully under me.

“I'm going to knock you up whore.” my nameless rapist said.

Whimpering as he fucked me and he didn't seem to care how much noise I made. He thoroughly fucked and used my precious pussy, a sweet tight little hole only a few men had ever experienced. When I felt an orgasm building I started to cry, full body wracking sobs, because I was utterly betrayed and humiliated, degraded and defeated. I was enjoying this and that was so fucking wrong.

As I heard him saying “Fuck yeah slut, gonna cream you up real good” he gripped my hips and ground his cock deep in me until I knew his head was sitting right at my cervical opening. He pulled me back as far as he could and I managed to scream as he forced the head into my womb, his big cock swelling as he shot a hot stream of his potent cum directly into my womb. My orgasm hit and my rapist cried out as he felt my pussy flexing, milking him, trying to get every drop of cum from his balls.

I collapsed completely, but he still held my hips up, keeping himself locked inside me. I was crying and he said “That is the best cunt I have ever cum in. Holy shit. That's not bullshit either.”

He was panting and he brought a hand around from my hip, gently caressing the globes of my ass.

Suddenly I heard a male voice say “Holy shit! You got the Japanese bitch? I've been wanting to rape that cunt since I first saw her!”

My rapist replied “It was easy, she came along so sweet and she is such a good little slut.”

The other male stepped around us and arrived up by my head. “Man you really fucked her shit up dude.” he said. “You fuck her face yet?”

“No. This slut is going to get all my cum in her cunt, and only her cunt. She isn't on the pill.”

The second guy laughed and said “You're gonna knock her up?”

My Handsome Rapist caressed me gently and said “Hey, she is fucking hot and the kid is going to be gorgeous, I am going to enjoy seeing her pregnant. Hope it's a girl.”

I laid there hearing this and just died inside. My mind broke I think, I just could not function, stopped feeling and felt no emotions at all. What had I gotten myself into?

I didn't react when the new arrival grabbed my hair and pulled my up onto all fours and shoved his smelly cock in my mouth. I remembered having seen him at the bar a few times, a bus boy I think. He was ugly and hygiene was clearly optional with him. Once he was well positioned he held my head tight and raped my mouth.

Watching this happen must had spurned Handsome Rapist on. His cock didn't get soft and he just let the force of my mouth being raped move my body back and forth on his cock, his head lodged inside my womb still. He was moaning and commenting on what an amazing fuck I was.

The guy fucking my face asked if he could try out my cunt and I heard “Fuck no, she is going to be mine. All mine. Is she good with sucking cock?”

“Oh yeah, bitch opened up real good.” I think my broken mental state just allowed him into me since I was detached. I don't even think I gagged. When he filled my mouth with cum I could not swallow it all and it dribbled onto my chin.

Handsome Rapist took it all in and it had aroused him big time. He yelled out “Oh shit I'm gonna nut in you again slut.” as he shot his second hot load deep into me.

After a few moments he let me go and I fell onto my side on the ground. My ripped clothes hanging about me, panting for air. I did not even try to get up.

They stood up and I watched in a detached way as they both lit cigarettes and discussed something about Smelly Guy's work schedule. I didn't pay much attention until I heard Smelly Guy say “Hey, can I fuck her ass?”

My original rapist looked down at me and seemed to be thinking. “Yeah, okay, but if you go near her cunt I swear I will kick the shit outta you.”

“Relax man, I heard you the first time.”

Stepping up to me Smelly Guy picked pulled me up and forced me to stand, he bent me over a stinking garbage can and spit on my ass. He leaned in and licked it for a while, then shoved two fingers inside and started stretching it. He didn't care that I was whimpering, my legs weakly flailing. He didn't care that I was crying or that he was about to do something no one ever had.

He took his finger out, lined up his cock and forced it inside. I felt like I was tearing apart, but lacked the strength to even scream. There was nothing pleasant about this, my asshole was burning as began raping it, violating my final hole, using me like an anal fuck toy. I simply laid there. I don't know how long he fucked me but when he came he yanked my hair pulling my face up, as his cock finished throbbing it cum deep into my bowels he jerked my head around as he pulled me up. He said “Thanks cunt, nice ass.” and spit on my swollen and cheek.

He let me go and I fell to the ground. I was in so much pain and so broken I could not move at all. I just laid there. I was not even crying. I had no more tears left.

“Here” I heard Smelly Guy say. Glancing over I saw him handing my Handsome Rapist some money. “You always get the best sluts.” He walked away leaving us alone.

My Handsome rapist walked over and knelt on the ground beside me. He lifted my upper body gently and caressed my swollen cheek, inspecting it.

He looked into my eyes and said “Are you really not on birth control.”

I mumbled “Yes” very quietly.

“I thought you were kidding about that.” he said

“No. But don't worry about it.”

“Can I ask you a question?” he said as he gently kissed my forehead.


“Why... why did you use our service? I mean I could not believe it when I read the information card and saw your picture. Your one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I've never felt guilt for doing what I am paid to do before... but you just seemed so... I don't know, together.”

I leaned my head back and kissed his chin. I replied “I wanted to know.”

“Know what?” he looked concerned.

“What it's like to be raped. I wanted to know what it was like to have no control, to not be making the decisions. What is is like to just give over... to be used, instead of using. To have a man just fucking use me without worshipping me like a precious little princess. I had to know.”

He kissed me gently and said “Well... what did you think. I tried my best, I really did.”

“I felt humiliated, degraded. I felt like a victim... a fucking sex toy. I had no control and you did everything I asked for and more. You helped me explore myself. I never knew I could ever enjoy that.” I said quietly cuddling into him. I added “I have tomorrow and then the weekend off work. I should be fine by Monday.”

“Saya, I'm going to get you home. If you like, I can stay with you. You need some TLC after all that.” he said as he gently caressed my hair.

“I don't want any attachment forming, so lets keep this professional. For three days of TLC how much?” I asked.

“That will be three grand.” he said

“That's fine. One other thing. I don't want you to tell me your name. I am going to call you either Handsome or Mr. Smith, Understand?”

“Yes.” he said.

“You know Mr. Smith, the payback for this when I am healthy is going to be a bitch.”

“What?” he said.

“I plan to hire you another evening. There is something else I want to try. I want to see a man cry at my hands. There are things I want to do to you, things that will not be all together pleasant for you. Can you handle it?” I said.

“For you, to be under your control... I would definitely make an exception to my usual rules.” he replied.

Having settled that he carried me to my Mercedes. We drove to my home and I admit, My Handsome Rapist was a very talented Nurse as well.

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